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Working Process Of Industrial Cooling Towers
Feb 23, 2018

The working process of the circular countercurrent cooling tower is as an example: the hot water independent room through the pump with a certain pressure through the pipe, transverse throat, curved throat, central throat will circulate water pressure to the cooling tower of the system, through the small hole on the water pipe to sprinkle evenly on the filler above Dry low 晗 value of the air in the role of the fan from the bottom into the wind network into the tower, hot water flow through the surface of the filler water film and air for heat exchange, high humidity Gao value of the hot air from the top out, cooling water dripping into the pot, through the outlet pipe into the host. In general, the air entering the tower, the air is dry low wet bulb temperature, water and air clearly exist between the concentration of water molecules and kinetic energy pressure difference, when the wind, in the tower of static pressure in the role of water molecules continue to evaporate into the air, become steam molecules, the remaining water molecules of the average kinetic energy will be reduced, So that the temperature of the circulating water drops. From the above analysis can be seen, evaporation and air temperature (usually said dry bulb temperature) is less than or above the water temperature is irrelevant, as long as the molecule can continue to evaporate in the air, the water temperature will be reduced. But the evaporation of water into the air does not go on indefinitely. When the air in contact with water is not saturated, the water molecule continuously evaporates into the air, but when the air on the contact surface of the gas reaches saturation, the water molecule evaporates, but is in a dynamic equilibrium state. The amount of water that evaporates is equal to the number of molecules of water returning from the air to the water, and the water temperature remains unchanged. It can be seen that the more dry the air contact with the water, the easier the evaporation, the water temperature will be easy to reduce.