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Working Principle Of Cooling Tower
Feb 17, 2018

Principle of Cooling tower

1, what is the cooling tower:

It is used as a circulating coolant for water,

To absorb heat from a system and discharge it into the atmosphere,

To reduce the temperature of the device;

The cooling system is done by the evaporation process of water,

And so that the cooling water can continue to be recycled,

In terms of economic efficiency,

Virtually reduce the cost of waste.

2. What is the cooling principle:

Cooling towers,

The system will spray hot water onto the surface of the radiator and contact the moving air through it.

At this time, hot water and cold air is the heat exchange effect of heat, while some of the hot water is evaporated, that is, evaporation of steam vapor in its latent heat of vaporization is emitted into the air, and finally cooled by the water into the sink,

The pump is used to transmit it to the heat transfer device to absorb the heat.

Second, cooling tower selection elements

Select the cooling tower, the following information should be detailed

1, circulating water;

2. The inlet (heat) water temperature of the cooling tower;

3, Cooling tower (cold) water temperature;

4, vent wet bulb temperature;

5, motor voltage and frequency;

6, circulating water quality;

7. Site environment condition and usable area;

8, the choice of tower type;