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When The Cooling Tower Is Arranged On The Industrial Site
Mar 15, 2018

When the cooling tower is arranged on the industrial site,we should think about the environment and the working condition of the cooling tower,at the same time we have to think about how to reduce the length of the circulating water line,use the overbottom pressure of the processing equipment and save the floor place.

Under the normal circumstances, the following requirements shall be met.

1.To avoid the adverse effects of icing, moisture or dust,the tower should be installed in the wind direction under the plant and the minimum spacing should meet the safe standrad.

2.The tower should not be installed near the chemicals and the heat source.

3.When install the open type and mechanical ventilation cooling tower ,it is necessary to pay attention to the relationship with the prevailing wind direction in summer.For open type cooling tower, its long edge should be perpendicular to the dominant wind direction in summer;For the cooling tower of mechanical ventilation, when the single column is arranged, the total length should be vertically dominant.The long side should be parallel to the wind direction when the two columns are arranged.

4.When the multi-grid cooling tower is arranged, the long edge of the open type cooling tower should be no more than 30m.