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What To Do Before The Cooling Tower Is Installed?
Jul 16, 2018

Professional glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower, cooling tower production service provider - Aozui Cooling Tower Friendly Tips: What are the preparations for cooling towers before installation?

1. The cooling tower should be selected as a mounting location in a well-ventilated area.

2. Above two towers, the layout of the tower group should consider maintaining a certain distance between the two towers. One to two times the normal tower diameter is appropriate. The special conditions depend on the conditions of the unit.

3. Before installation, the user must do a good job on the basis of the tower foot position on the cooling tower foundation map, and leave the hole or embedded iron plate. The cooling tower feet on the same level, fixed on the foundation. And support column and inlet and outlet pipes, the axis line should be perpendicular to the base surface, the application of screws between the upper and middle shells, positioning.

4. Assembled blocks are required to ensure the assembled diameter of the tower body, and the upper and lower sides are leveled and the tower bottom is well watertight.

5. After the fan has been tested to normal, the terminal box of the motor should be sealed with epoxy resin or other moisture-proof material to prevent the motor from being burnt by moisture. The direction of operation of the fan is to pull up the wind clockwise, and it is generally not suitable for the exit to be covered or scaffolded.

6. The cooling tower is flame-retardant and non-flame-retardant. When installing, it is forbidden to bring the fire into the construction site to prevent the filler and fiberglass from catching fire. If welding construction on site, take appropriate protective measures.

7. When choosing a water pump, pay attention to this cooling tower and allow the amount of water entering the tower to change. It does not exceed ±10% of the rated value, and the waterproof overload will affect the cold efficiency. For the selection of the pump head, the line pressure loss before the tower should be considered.

8. The gear reducer oil is filled up according to the required grade, equipped with an inlet and outlet oil valve and an oil scale.