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What Should You Pay Attention To When Using Cooling Tower?
Oct 17, 2018

1. Check whether the fasteners at the rotating part of the cooling tower are tight, climb the fan impeller by hand, feel and witness whether it is flexible, whether the gap between the blade and the inner wall of the windpipe is appropriate, and the blade shall not touch the cylinder.

2. When the fan starts, the voltage shall be lowered to prevent the motor from burning out due to excessive torque.

3. After the belt of synchronous coupling rotates and decelerates the fan to operate normally for a period of time, the expansion degree should be adjusted again.

4. Proper water level should be maintained during operation.

5. The operator should pay attention to the change of the above parameters and keep daily account records in a timely manner. When the cooling tower is running, it must be managed by a special person, so as to eliminate problems in time.

6. The water quality of the inlet tower shall be free from oil and impurities, and the turbidity shall not be greater than 5mg/kg; otherwise, it shall be accompanied by water treatment and purification equipment.