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What should be paid attention to when cooling tower is ready to run?
Sep 17, 2018

1. Check whether there is enough gear oil in the reducer; do not operate the reducer without oil;If it is a belt reducer, please check the elastic number of the belt and see if there is any debris in the belt cover and belt pulley.

2. Please confirm whether the cooling tower supporting legs are well fixed with the foundation

3. Check whether the circuit is out of phase and whether the voltage is 380V;

4. Turn on the motor. Turn off the fan after running for 20 seconds.And check the fan operation, there is no difference noise.

5. Open the water pump; do not idle the motor for a long time without water in the cooling tower;

6. Confirm whether the current value of the cooling tower motor is within the normal value range. If the current is too large, please check the voltage.If the above problems are normal, then check whether the cooling tower reducer has oil;

7. When the cooling tower is running continuously for 100-120 hours, check whether the fan fasteners of the cooling tower are loose, and re-fix them if necessary;

8. Check whether the connecting screws of the cooling tower body and cooling tower supporting legs are loose and re-fixed if necessary.

9. Check whether the belt reducer is loose and whether the gear reducer is low in oil after ten days of operation of cooling tower;After two months of continuous operation, belt reducer should be replaced with belt, and gear reducer should be replaced with gear oil.

10. After the cooling tower is running for two months, please clean up the water tray and pipes of the cooling tower.

11. Check whether the water filling device is effective;

12. When the cooling tower stops operation in winter, please use engine oil to maintain the cooling tower fan, bolt or other welding points