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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When Using The Cooling Tower?
Jun 12, 2018

1. The bolts connected in each part, especially the driving parts, must be checked and tightened.

2. Before use, the water outlet pipes and pools shall be thoroughly cleaned, and the garbage and other debris in the tower shall be removed to prevent blockage of the pipes.

3. Regular inspection shall be made to check whether the oil level of the reducer is normal and the belt reducer shall be tightened.

4. When the fan is working, it should be clockwise when looking down from the top of the tower.

5. During the operation of the cooling tower, if any abnormal sound is heard, the operation should be stopped immediately and comprehensively checked until the cause is found out and the fault should be eliminated.

6. When the fan is working, open the water valve and adjust the flow rate of the pump, so that the current, voltage, vibration, etc. are set within the specified range.

7. During the operation of the cooling tower, there must be a special person to take care of it and make detailed records of various parameters of the cooling tower.

8. The circulating water in the cooling tower shall be tap water or relatively clean water, which shall not be mixed with oil or impurities to make the water clear and not cloudy.