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What Is The Use Of Cooling Tower Fill?
Sep 03, 2018

Fill is one of the most important parts in cooling tower. The function of packing in cooling tower is to increase heat dissipation, extend cooling water residence time, increase heat exchange area and increase heat exchange.Evenly distribute the water.It's not about filling the tower with something that needs to be cooled.A cooling tower is a device that cools hot fluids (including water) to a reasonable temperature.The waste heat generated in the process of industrial production or refrigeration is generally carried away by cooling water.The function of cooling tower is to heat the cooling water with waste heat in the tower with air, so that the waste heat is transmitted to air and dispersed into the atmosphere.Cooling tower application scope: air conditioning cooling system, refrigeration series, electric furnace, injection molding, leather making, power generation, steam turbine, aluminum profile processing, air compressor, industrial water cooling and other fields.