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What Is The Sweage Cooling Tower?
Apr 18, 2017

Cooling tower is a equipment which use the contact of water and air to disperse waste heat of industrial purposes and refrigeration air conditioners through evaporation.

Sweage cooling tower is a specoal one in cooling towers, it mainly used in cooling water which contains more impurities and sediment.

The internal fill is high quality and high temperature resistant grid fill.

This fill's clearance is bigger, can prevent clogging.

AOSUA sweage cooling tower's design according to the working characteristics and heating principle of sweage cooling tower.

Advantages:cooling efficiency significantly,save costs and so on.Especially suit for all kinds of sewage equipment.It can used in industrial sewage circulation cooling treatment like textile, paper mill, plastic injection factory, chemical factory, fertilizer factory, dyeing factory, tobacco factory and so on.

Relative to cooling water tower,AOSUA sweage cooling tower have following advantages:

1.Drift loss is quite small.

2.There is no special requirements for the water, strong applicability

3.In the process of operation, very safe and reliable, easy to maintain

4.Low Noise design.

5.Operation simpel and convenient,only need to proceed circulating water system of water pump,the cooling tower is in working condition

6.Wide using and flexible combine 

7.No cloging, the whole operation process is safe, stable and reliable

8.well cooling effect,hot water in the condition of fog exchange heat with wind in the tower,windage is small in the tower,with reasonable design of ram and blades, because of wind field is reasonable,low steam partial pressures,less wall flow and so on,making the best cooling effect of sweage cooling tower

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