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What Is The Principle Of The Cooling Tower Parts
Sep 19, 2017

What is the principle of the Cooling Tower Parts
 The Cooling Tower Parts is a device for the collection of flowing water in a closed Cooling Tower Parts. Usually set in the upper part of the Cooling Tower Parts, under the draft fan. The fan is quickly loaded, driving the Cooling Tower Parts within the air flow, the air of the water in the fan drive to sit down, up flow, Cooling Tower Parts after evaporation, mixed in the air, after the Cooling Tower Parts in the water Time, the water is attached to the Cooling Tower Parts above the dewatering device, and gradually accumulate, when the formation of water droplets greater than the adhesion of the time, it will fall, fall into the pool or once again attached to the condensing coil to evaporate.
       The Cooling Tower Parts is a water-absorbing device which is placed on the side of the open-type Cooling Tower Parts packing or on the side of the closed Cooling Tower Parts sprinkler system. Its role is to allow the hot air flow is corrugated through, blocking and absorbing water droplets in the hot air to achieve the purpose of water removal or water absorption. So the Cooling Tower Parts water separator, also known as the Cooling Tower Parts water absorber.
       Cooling Tower Parts can effectively reduce the Cooling Tower Parts tower water rate, play a role in water. The Cooling Tower Parts are usually assembled from plastic material. Through the two ends of the nail screw support, by the multi-layer plastic or glass fiber reinforced concrete tower has been superimposed. The water collection efficiency of the Cooling Tower Parts is very high and does not reduce the flow of air in the Cooling Tower Parts. Taina hot and humid air through the Cooling Tower Parts when the water separator, can block 75% -90% of the water, so that the rate can be reduced to less than 0.001%. Cooling Tower Parts The main components of the structure are: pvc plastic water harvesting tablets, stents, rods, plastic nuts, splashing devices.
       The use of the Cooling Tower Parts dewatering device has been effective in large chemical industry, metallurgical industry, casting industry, the condenser equipment through the effective experiment, and water has achieved good results. Closed Cooling Tower Parts compared with the open Cooling Tower Parts, due to the full design of the closed, to a certain extent, has effectively improved the efficiency of water saving, Cooling Tower Parts, the design of the water tank is to further improve the closed cooling Water saving effect of tower components.
       The Cooling Tower Parts is extruded with FRP material or PVC material, and the imported carbon black is added as an additive in the sheet of the water separator of the Cooling Tower Parts, which greatly improves the anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging properties of the sheet. The Cooling Tower Parts water separator has the advantages of high water receiving efficiency, small airflow resistance, high strength, no deformation, easy installation and maintenance, long service life and good flame retardancy.
 The water dispenser is provided in the cooling tower assembly for collecting the droplets entrained in the tower gas stream. I produced the Cooling Tower Parts with water heater bracket with the blade screw, nuts composed of Cooling Tower Parts water separator, with good ventilation strength, less resistance, durable, high water absorption efficiency.
Uses: Widely used in Cooling Tower Parts equipment, is an important component in the air conditioning system, widely used in cotton, wool, clothing, chemical fiber, knitting, ship, chemical, subway, factories, sports venues, shopping malls, Film laboratory and other industries.
Cooling Tower Parts water separator Features:
1, simple, efficient soft water separation device, the deflector plate at a certain distance assembly. Placed in the wind, the water mist flow through the water board composed of corrugated channel, the water droplets will be closed under the air, to maintain the humidity of the air, and no water.
2, the retaining plate placed in the air conditioning system after the spray pipe, for the soft water separation device.
3, in the temperature system placed in the surface before the cooler, for soft water separation device.