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What Is The Principle Of Cooling Tower Eliminator?
Apr 15, 2018

The cooling tower eliminator is a device that collects flowing water in a closed cooling tower. Usually set in the upper part of the cooling tower, below the induced draft fan. The rapid operation of the fan will drive the air flow in the cooling tower. The water in the air will be driven by the wind turbine and will flow upwards. After the cooling tower is evaporated, it will be mixed in the air. When passing through the cooling tower water remover, the water will flow. It is attached to the cooling tower eliminator and gradually accumulates. When the formed water droplets have a greater gravity than the adhesion force, they will drop, fall into the pool or be attached to the condensing coil for evaporation again.

       The cooling tower eliminator is a choking and water-absorbing device placed above the filling of the open counterflow cooling tower or on the side of the cooling tower spray system. Its role is to allow the heat-carrying air flow to pass through in a corrugated manner, blocking and absorbing the water droplets in the hot air flow to achieve the purpose of removing water or absorbing water. Therefore, the cooling tower remover is also called the cooling tower suction device.

       Cooling tower water remover can effectively reduce the cooling tower tower water's drift rate and play a role in water saving. Cooling tower eliminators are usually assembled from plastic materials. Through both ends of the nail screw support, stacked by multiple layers of plastic or fiberglass tower cooling water separator. Cooling tower eliminators have very high water collection efficiency and do not reduce the flow of air in the cooling tower. The damp and hot air in the tower can block 75%-90% of the moisture when passing through the cooling tower eliminator, so that the drift rate can be reduced to less than 0.001%. The main components of the cooling tower water eliminator are: pvc plastic water fins, brackets, tie rods, plastic nuts, and splashing devices.

       The use of cooling tower water eliminators has already passed effective experiments on large-scale condenser equipment in the chemical industry, metallurgical industry, and foundry industry, and water-saving has achieved good results. Compared with open cooling towers, closed-type cooling towers have effectively improved water-saving efficiency due to totally-enclosed design. The design of the cooling tower dewatering unit further enhances the cooling tower section. Water effect.

       Cooling tower water remover pieces are extruded with FRP material or PVC material, and imported carbon black is added as an additive in the cooling tower water remover sheet, which greatly improves the UV resistance and anti-aging properties of the sheet. The cooling tower water remover has the advantages of high water efficiency, small airflow resistance, high strength, no deformation, convenient installation and maintenance, long service life, and good flame retardancy.