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What Is The Cooling Tower Atomization Nozzle?
Jan 14, 2018


In power generation, refining, chemical, salt, paper, iron and steel and central air-conditioning industry processes in the process of waste heat generated by the cooling water Guide, cooling water absorption of waste heat, so that the circulation cooling water temperature rise, the role of cooling tower is to carry the cooling water in the cool tower with the air heat and moisture exchange, The air is fed with the waste heat of cooling water into the atmosphere, so that the cooling water temperature drops, the precious water resources are recycled.

The traditional cooling tower is at the top of the tower with machine Force rotating fan ventilation, so that the tower produces negative pressure, set a certain amount of airflow, the power of the machine is driven by the motor, the larger tower needs to speed reducer to ensure that the fan rated speed.

The heat exchange of the cooling towers is mostly carried out in the water-cooled filler fins, the more complex the shape of the filler, the slower the flow speed, at the same time the resulting wind resistance is also large, in order to reduce wind resistance, it is necessary to reduce the complex shape of filler surface, the unity of the contradictions, that is, heat dissipation and wind resistance of the best point, has been the cooling tower Summary, Pursuit. So far, no one dare to say that their filler is the best, can only say that it is more good or better than before.

Spray-type cooling tower does not need to be soaked in the water filler plate, reducing the ventilation resistance, increase the inlet air flow, so that the fog bead in the tower full heat. Spray nozzle, also known as atomizing nozzle, rotary atomization device.

Swirl atomizing Nozzle In the water distribution system for the terminal device, cooling water at a certain pressure into the cyclone device cavity, under the action of the core column to rotate the water flow from the nozzle into 30° cone angle up into small particles of fog beads.