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What Is A Sewage Cooling Tower?
Jul 09, 2018

A cooling tower is a device that utilizes the contact of water and air to dissipate waste heat generated in an industrial or refrigeration air conditioner by evaporation. The sewage cooling tower is a special type of cooling tower in the cooling tower. It is mainly used for cooling equipment that contains more impurities and sediments. The internal packing is made of high-quality high-temperature resistant mesh packing, and the gap of the mesh packing is relatively large, which can prevent clogging.

The Aoshuai Sewage Cooling Tower is designed according to the working characteristics of the sewage equipment and the principle of heat dissipation. It has the characteristics of significant cooling efficiency and cost saving, especially suitable for various types of sewage equipment. It can be applied to industrial sewage recycling and cooling treatment in textile mills, paper mills, injection molding plants, chemical plants, fertilizer plants, printing and dyeing plants, tobacco factories, etc.

Compared with the cool water tower, the Aoshui sewage cooling tower has the following advantages:

1. The drift rate is quite small;

2. There is no special requirement for water quality, and the applicability is strong;

3. During the operation, it is very safe and reliable, easy to maintain and maintain;

4. With silent design, the noise is extremely low;

5. The operation is simple and convenient, only need to work in the circulating water system pump, the cooling tower is in working condition;

6. The use is quite extensive and the combination is more flexible;

7. There is no clogging phenomenon, and the whole operation process is safe, stable and reliable;

8. The cooling effect is good. The hot water in the tower exchanges heat with the inlet air under the fog condition. The wind resistance inside the tower is very small. With reasonable air duct and fan blade design, the wind field in the tower is reasonable, the steam partial pressure is low, and the wall There are many reasons such as less flow, so that the cooling effect of the pollution cooling tower is optimized.