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What Factors Influence Cooling Tower Heat Dissipation?
Jun 12, 2018

1. Heat sink: it is key components in the cooling tower, a small tower generally use PVC sheet extrusion or hot suction, large tower will use wood, the main purpose of the air and water interface in does not affect the wind resistance, the bigger the better, at the same time also achieve maximum heat transfer rate, cooling fin affect heat transfer effect of the two parameters, mainly is the fin shape and height, in the water tower installation, try not to damage the radiator, to avoid heat sink water drainage.

2. Fan air volume: it mainly accelerates air flow in the tower, accelerates heat exchange between air and water, and takes away heat.The influence on the wind volume of the fan is mainly the shape of the wind blade, i.e. the width and deflection Angle of the blade, the speed of the blade, the installation Angle, the speed, the motor and the transmission ratio, etc.In addition, in the case of a certain amount of wind, the cooling water of the same type of tower is smaller than that of the cooling water.