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What Are The Problems Of Energy Saving In Cooling Towers At Present?
Feb 18, 2018

On the current market, "No electricity cooling tower", it published on the website of the cooling tower energy-saving products, a name, it also has a variety of names (such as: no power cooling towers, no motor cooling towers, cooling towers energy-saving, cooling tower energy-saving noise reduction, power-free cooling towers, hydraulic fans, electric turbines, no electric turbines, Energy-saving cooling towers and so on. The main components are the turbines, while the 99% cooling tower turbines on the market have three fatal disadvantages:

1. Slow speed: Due to the cooling system circulating water in the pipe flow velocity general 1.5m/s or so (measured generally between the 1m/s~2m/s) and the turbine internal power impeller diameter of the minimum diameter of 30-40 cm, to be driven by circulating water turbine internal power impeller speed can only reach 100 rpm/min below, So so far in the market on the water turbine, all through the variable diameter (general diameter of the original inlet pipe size to less than 5%) to increase the flow rate of saliva to improve speed, it also produces the resistance of circulating water, loss of a large part of the surplus kinetic energy and potential energy, even through the growth of the diameter is difficult to achieve 200 rpm Minabove, less than ideal gas-water specific heat exchange effect

2. Reduce the total circulation of water flow and reduce the cold effect: After the adoption of variable-diameter growth, the variable diameter is too small to increase the resistance of circulating water (general diameter of the original inlet pipe is reduced to less than 5%) directly lead to a significant reduction in the cooling water cycle, even if the cooling tower can be reconstructed before the former low-speed exhaust cooling towers, Will not change the size of the variable, and reduce the cold effect. (Example of the original 1000 tons of/h circulation of cooling water, due to change diameter and become 500 tons/h the following circulation of cooling water) change diameter will also increase the pump load, reduce the service life of the pump (equipment suppliers will not explain their products fatal defects, Therefore, many enterprises in the cooling tower investment after the transformation, the cooling effect is not as good as before, it also affected the service life of the cooling tower

3. Mechanical Vibration and noise: the current market on the electricity-free cooling tower water drive turbine basically, the common fatal problem of a single inlet water driven turbine is that the cooling tower will produce a large mechanical vibration when it is installed on a single hydraulic turbine, because it is not balanced and will produce mechanical vibration to the whole cooling tower. will cause a certain damage, long-term use, will reduce the service life of cooling towers, mechanical vibration will also produce sound pollution of human health and environmental hazards.

Looking at the above three points: there are few successful cases of retrofit cooling towers. In particular, 300 tons of/h around the cooling tower renovation project, (300 tons/h about the cooling tower fan speed design requirements in 200 to/min-300 to/min) high speed fan cooling tower is fundamentally unable to save energy, But the low speed fan cooling tower (150 to/min around) has its invisible flaw "the circulation water quantity reduces" also is difficult to achieve the ideal effect. The reason is that the variable-diameter resistance directly influences the decrease of circulating cooling water, and the standard surplus Yang Cheng can not achieve the ideal head pressure. (the single inlet turbine can be judged from the shape, the big one is flooded, To the impeller tube diameter smaller) want to know the latest technology, not electricity cooling tower products,