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What Are The Main Applications Of Closed Cooling Towers?
Dec 08, 2018

(1) metallurgical machinery, petrochemical, silicate industry

(2) closed-circuit circulation of soft water in blast furnace of iron smelting plant;

(3) cooling water system of heating furnace, crystallizer and other devices in steel plant;

(4) cooling water system of rolling mills and coking plants;

(5) cooling water system for blower, motor, rolling mill and other equipment;

(6) cooling water system for medium-frequency induction furnace, medium-frequency power supply and electronic control, melting furnace, diathermy furnace, quenching furnace, vacuum furnace and induction insulation furnace;

(7) oil circuit cooling and grinding tool cooling of machining equipment;Cylinder liner cooling of air compressor;

(8) water cooling for internal processes of casting, forging and welding equipment;

(9) cooling of low-temperature oil products in refineries and chemical plants and condensing and cooling of oil and gas on top of various towers;

(10) petrochemical pressure gas stations and coal-bed methane stations;

(11) matching with glass melting furnace, single crystal or polycrystal furnace;

(12) water cooling system of large injection molding machine;

(13) power plants, nuclear power stations and substations;Oil cooler for transformer;

(14) supporting the water source heat pump unit and water cooling unit of high-end central air-conditioning system

(15) direct cooling, that is, when the temperature of outdoor air wet ball drops to a certain value, the refrigerating machine stops running, and the cooling water of the closed tower is directly transported to the air conditioner as cold water to eliminate the cold and wet load of the air conditioning room.

(16) food, beverage and other industries;