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What Are The Advantages Of FRP Cooling Towers?
Nov 24, 2018

1. The characteristics of long life and long life can be divided into two parts. First of all, the longevity of the turbine is long. Because of its precise structure and advanced technology, most of the planned time-division life is more than 15 years. The center part is made of wear-resistant material, durable and wear-resistant, ensuring the turbine is in a low pressure state. Work hard for a long time.

2. The FRP cooling tower has high-efficiency characteristics. The power of the turbine shaft can directly affect the driving of the fan. It does not have to be dispatched by the reducer, which saves the central process and can be self-supported according to the change of water flow. It ensures the stability of the water vapor and the effect of its cooling, saving time and improving work efficiency.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection, which is one of the biggest features of FRP cooling towers, and has made great contributions to China's environmental protection industry. Energy saving is divided into two parts. The first is energy saving of the electric power. The power of the turbine saves the electricity consumed by the electric motor, and also saves the company the capital cost. The second is the saving of water resources. The FRP cooling tower has a return to the bottom after cooling the boiling water. Continue to recycle, do not have to write cold water to burn from scratch, alleviating the dilemma of industrial water shortage.

4. Low noise, trusting the noise problem of the traditional cooling tower is a big problem that puzzles the company for a long time, and the FRP cooling tower is driven by the turbine, replacing the motor and the reducer, which greatly reduces the mechanical noise when the cooling tower works.