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What Are The Advantages Of Cross Flow Cooling Tower?
Oct 11, 2018

1. The sprinkler system of cross-flow cooling tower is set on the upper part. Water flows from top to bottom.

2. Cross-flow tower can be set up and used in a variety of environments, and the cooling tower can be started according to actual use conditions, enabling free operation of multiple and single start.

3. Cross-flow heat exchange area is relatively large.More cooling tower packing will be required.Cooling tower packing is one of the more easily damaged plastics, especially in the high temperature humid environment, especially agreed to damage.And winter use is not long convenient.Counter-flow cooling towers will do better.

4. Cross-flow type has stronger cooling capacity.Especially in the environment with high temperature, cross-flow cooling tower has higher cooling efficiency than counter-flow type. In common industries of hot casting, chemical industry and smelting, cross-flow cooling tower is mainly used.