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What Are The Advantages Of A Non-filled Closed Cooling Tower?
Aug 19, 2018

Ordinary closed-circuit cooling towers use packing to achieve refrigeration purposes, but non-filled closed-type cooling towers are not. It uses water and air contact to dissipate waste heat generated in industrial or refrigeration air conditioners by evaporation. a device. After the dry air is twitched by the fan, it enters the unfilled cooling tower from the wind net; the saturated steam is the high-pressure water molecules with high pressure flowing to the low-pressure air, and the hot and humid water is sprinkled into the tower by the sowing system.

For a non-filled closed cooling tower, three basic conditions are indispensable for cooling down, namely the ratio of cold air to water; the surface area in contact with cold air and water; the time of contact between cold air and water, The packing closed cooling tower is designed based on the above three elements.

The system resistance of the non-filled closed cooling tower is reduced from 140Pa of the packed tower to 75Pa, the air volume of the cooling axial flow fan is increased by 20%, and the comparison of the gas and water is increased by 20%; the water is compressed by the low pressure atomizing device at 0.03MPa. Sprayed into a droplet of 0.5-1mm, the gas-water contact specific surface area is 10% larger than the water distribution on the PVC filler, so the cooling time will be longer.

The non-filled closed cooling tower uses a low-pressure centrifugal atomization device as a cooling element, which replaces the packing and water distribution of the traditional packed tower, making the whole tower almost an empty tower, and the structure is greatly simplified. The atomizing device is installed above the air inlet duct, and the water is sprayed in the same direction as the cold air sucked by the axial fan. At the same time, the water has two processes of ascending and descending, and the cooling also has two processes of downstream cooling and countercurrent cooling.

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