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What are the causes of cooling tower water bleaching?
Aug 13, 2018

Cooling tower bleaching is a problem encountered by many cooling tower manufacturers and has not been well resolved. In the chiller system, any type of cooling tower is drifting more or less in the working state. Especially in the open cooling system, the circulating water is in direct contact with the atmosphere. Bacteria and dust in the air remain in the tower, causing the turbidity of the circulating water to increase, the algae to form in the damp and wet place of the tower, and the pipeline is increased from the surface. Resistance to the water system, reduced cooling efficiency, and corrosion of the tower. The water droplets that float into the atmosphere are also very likely to carry bacteria and pollution sources, causing pollution to the atmosphere or people.

The standard drift rate of the sewage cooling tower is generally 2%-5% of the circulating water. When the cooling tower is running, it can be seen that the cooling tower sprays many small drops of water, like white fog, indicating that the cooling tower floats quite well. serious.

First, the main reason for cooling tower cooling

1. The cooling tower is pumped by the fan to draw smaller droplets out of the cooling tower.

2. The saturated hot and humid air encounters the outside cold air to reach a saturated state after leaving the cooling tower, and condenses into small water droplets to form a drifting water.

3. Water floats out of the packing air inlet.