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Use Method Of Closed Cooling Tower
Aug 13, 2018

1.Before use, fully flush the inlet and outlet water pipes and pools to eliminate the garbage in the tower to prevent the pipe from being blocked.

2.The connecting bolts of each part, especially the transmission parts (fan, motor, rotary cloth water dispenser), must be tightened one by one

3.The reducer oil level is normal, and the belt of the reducer should be tightened.

4.The blade rotates flexibly without bumping the shell.

5.When the fan is working, look from the top of the tower clockwise and draw upward.

6.If there is abnormal sound in the cooling tower, it should be stopped immediately and checked thoroughly until troubleshooting.

7.After the fan is working, open the water valve and adjust the pump flow, water pressure, current, voltage, vibration and noise in the specified range.

8.When it is found that the water dispenser is not rotating or the water is not uniform, it should be stopped for maintenance.

9.The circulating water shall be tap water or clean water, shall not contain oil and impurities, and the turbidity shall not be greater than 50mmg/l.

10.As an important cooling equipment, the closed cooling tower should be managed by a special person, and the water temperature, flow rate and meteorological parameters related to the cooling tower should be recorded.