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There Are Several Reasons Why The Cooling Tower Parts Overcurrent Short Circuit
Aug 30, 2017

There are several reasons why the Cooling Tower Parts overcurrent short circuit
Cooling Tower Parts with load start can cause damage to the pump motor: the actual use of the head is lower than the pump nameplate head too much, submersible pump water working time is too long.
The cooling tower unit considers the Cooling Tower Parts to be used to overcome the height and resistance of the centrifugal pump. The high-lift pump is operated at high lift points when the flow rate is the design point of the flow, and if the low head is working, The pump component of the pump to reduce the resistance, then the centrifugal pump flow will increase, the Cooling Tower Parts pump motor will be overloaded, super to a certain extent will burn the pump motor. For example, a cooling tower component feed pump has a head of 50 meters and a flow rate of 50 cubic meters per hour. When it feeds water at 50 meters high, its flow rate is 50 cubic meters per hour when it goes to a height of 40 meters Water supply, its height and resistance to reduce its flow may reach 80-90 cubic meters / hour or more, then the pump motor will heat or burn.
First of all, the cooling tower component plant should first understand the pump motor burn is burning bearing (mechanical failure) or burn the coil (electrical failure).
If the Cooling Tower Parts burn the coil failure, mainly due to over-current caused by, sometimes the voltage is too high or too low will cause the coil heat short circuit, so check the running voltage is not and the rated voltage difference is too much.
Cooling Tower Parts over-current short circuit, there may be several reasons:
1, the Cooling Tower Parts equipment overload operation, so that the pump motor for a long time in the rated current or over-rated current operation. Special note is that the Cooling Tower Parts pump motor starting current is 3-5 times the rated current, it should try to avoid starting the device with a load or full load operation (mainly depends on the pump motor rated current and normal operating current Match margin)
2, Cooling Tower Parts Pump motor work in the more humid working environment. The Cooling Tower Parts should check the insulation and interphase insulation of the coil before starting the pump motor. Different insulation requirements for different voltage levels are different. Refer to the relevant national standard for inspection. In the operation of the pump motor should pay attention to the water pump waterproof and moisture.
3, the Cooling Tower Parts pump mechanical failure caused by the pump motor overload, the current is too large and burn the coil.
4, Cooling Tower Parts pump motor cooling problems. General pump motor coils are air-cooled shell, Cooling Tower Parts submersible pumps are water-cooled shell. Large-scale pump motor using air-air heat exchanger, air-water heat exchanger cooling. If you break the cooling water (air), so that the coil can not heat, are likely to burn the coil.
Cooling Tower Parts are used to cool hot water, for example: the power plant is used to cool the cooling water. Many machines are equipped to cool the circulating water. Cooling Tower Parts are generally produced in the industrial production or refrigeration process waste heat, generally use cooling water to guide away. From the river, river, lake, sea and other natural water to absorb a certain amount of water as cooling water, cooling process equipment to absorb waste heat to water temperature, and then into the river, river, lake, sea, this cooling method known as DC cooling The When the DC cooling conditions are not available, Cooling Tower Parts are required to cool. The function of the cooling tower is to heat the waste water with heat and heat exchange in the tower, so that waste heat to the air and scattered in the atmosphere.
The cooling tower part is a kind of equipment which uses the contact of water and air to disperse the waste heat generated in the industrial or refrigeration air-conditioning by evaporation, and the heat exchange and the exchange of the air in the water, Widely used in industrial circulating water system and air conditioning circulating water system. Cooling Tower Parts according to the material can be divided into: FRP, wood, hot dip galvanized, steel, stainless steel, reinforced concrete.