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The Use Of Closed Circuit Cooling Tower In Air Equipment
Nov 14, 2016

Cooling tower cooling equipment:

① Air Guide plate: ventilation air inlet plate refers to the setting in the upper ventilation equipment, its function is to make the upper edge of the air inlet into a smooth shape, prevent eddy currents in the air inlet near the upper area, air inlet to remove the man's at right angles to the best effect.

Shroud plate is yet, in the following conditions should:

A and sprinkling devices supporting breast and into the air at the upper elevations together;

B, when h/L is greater than the ratio of 0.6, or into the air when the wind speed is below 4m/s;

inlet louvers: experiments show that air inlet shutter settings using air flow is significantly lower, at 94%, add the total drag coefficient 22.5%, inlet edge Vortex add on, Tower air flow distribution in deteriorated paint should consider.

① wind machine imports Qian shortened paragraph height: air in received water device above of space gradually shortened into wind machine wind tube, this a called shortened paragraph, dang shortened paragraph height no Shi, in received water device above will occurred air Eddy district, and in got water equipment within occurred anti-air, increased has Tower within air resistance, declined cooling role, so in cooling tower depicting in the should guarantee shortened paragraph of height. Set h'-shorten the height, d-fan diameter. Experiments show that shorten the segment and a high degree of h'/d is not less than 0.5-0.6.

Second, the fan air inlet deflector device: a shortening of the fan air inlet in addition to guaranteed to meet outside, and diversion devices that can be set in order to prevent eddy currents in the shortening within the four corners of the Tower District. Diversion devices decrease airflow evenly scattered, cut energy costs. B, the diversion of equipment there are three ways: on the circle below the bevel-and arc-type, d-type curve, which to dimension the curve-the best. Steel mesh asbestos cement and reinforced concrete sheet assembling bevel-type has been selected in the depiction of the new Tower, dimensional curved fiberglass deflector ring as manufactured devices. Usually used in the transformation of the old tower.