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The Technology Structure Of The Cooling Tower 2
Feb 02, 2018

1.Air distribution device: use air inlet, air intake louver and air guide plate to guide the air evenly throughout the entire section of the cooling tower.

2.Ventilator: its function is to ensure the output of the ventilator;Create good aerodynamic conditions and reduce resistance;The hot and humid air from the cooling tower is sent to the upper air to reduce the adverse effects of the hot and humid air flow.For tower type cooling tower, the ventilator not only has the foregoing effect but also the function of ventilation equipment.

3.Water drift eliminator: to separate the water drop and from the air, reduce the water loss of the circulating water, and reduce the influence of escaping water to the surrounding environment, production and building.

4.Collecting tank: located at the bottom of the tower, it collects the cooling water falling from the liquid distribution . Meanwhile, the collecting tank has a certain storage solvent, which can regulate amount of water.