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The Role Of Cooling Tower In Central Air Conditioning Equipment
Jul 27, 2017

The role of Cooling Tower in central air conditioning equipment
    Cooling Tower in the central air conditioning equipment role: we all know that the equipment in the operation of the work of the continuous heat, the general discharge of these heat, so that the machine work properly, there are two ways, one is air-cooled and one is water-cooled. Household air-conditioning is air-cooled, and the central air-conditioning is water-cooled.
    Central air conditioning compressor in the cooling process of continuous heat, if not in time to reduce the compressor to a certain temperature, the compressor will be too hot and stop working. Usually the use of water-cooled way to cool the compressor, room temperature water through the compressor, absorb heat, water temperature, can not be re-used for compressor cooling. Only re-use the water at room temperature, let go of this part of the water or make this part of the water after cooling and then use. In general, we will choose the Cooling Tower to cool the hot water to make it into room temperature, re-use, to cycle. Because this part of the water is relatively large every hour, basically more than 50 tons, not to be recycled, resulting in a great waste and consumption.
1. Cooling Tower cooling mode The choice of outdoor conversion temperature point is directly related to the system cooling time. Assuming that the water supply is required to be 12.7 ° C at the end of the air conditioning, consider the cooling capacity of the Cooling Tower, the heat loss of the pipeline and the heat exchanger, etc., and the temperature of the water temperature is 4.5 ° C. At 8.2 ℃ can be switched to Cooling Tower cooling mode.
2. Cooling Tower in the system according to the summer cooling load and summer outdoor wet bulb temperature selection, but also its Cooling Tower cooling mode cooling capacity to check.
3. Indirect cooling system should choose the plate heat exchanger heat exchanger. Plate heat exchangers compared with the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger, which has a high efficiency of heat transfer capacity.
4. In a direct cooling system, the chilled water pump in the cooling water loop should be bypassed. When the Cooling Tower is in the cooling mode, the chilled water pump is closed and the cooling water passes through the chilled water pump, where the circulating hydrodynamic force is provided by the cooling water pump. So in the system design to consider the conversion of dedicated cold pump.
5. In the direct cooling system design should pay attention to the cooling water sterilization filter to prevent blocking the end of the coil.
6. Considering the cooling capacity of the Cooling Tower (the difference between the Cooling Tower water temperature and the outdoor wet bulb temperature) in the specific outdoor wet bulb temperature and the building load decreases with the increase of the size of the cooling filler, The use of tandem Cooling Tower method to increase the cooling effect, improve the Cooling Tower cooling mode of outdoor conversion temperature, thereby increasing the number of cooling time.
7. Since the Cooling Tower is mainly run in the winter of the filtration season, antifreeze facilities should be installed in the cooling water system in the lower temperature areas, such as setting the side pipes and adding heaters.
 Industrial production or refrigeration process generated waste heat, generally with cooling water to guide away. The effect of the Cooling Tower is to carry the waste heat of the cooling water in the tower with the air heat exchange, so that waste heat to the air and into the atmosphere. For example: the thermal power plant, the boiler will be heated to high temperature and high pressure steam, to promote the steam turbine to make the generator power generation, the steam turbine after the work of the waste steam discharged into the condenser, with the cooling water for heat exchange condensate into water, Back to the boiler recycling. The waste heat in this process is passed to the cooling water, so that the water temperature increases, with waste heat of the cooling water, in the Cooling Tower will be heat transfer to the air, from the air duct into the atmospheric environment. Cooling Tower, aluminum, stainless steel processing, air compressor, industrial water cooling and other fields, the most used for air conditioning cooling, freezing, cooling, Plastic chemical industry.