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The Replacement Steps Of Cooling Tower Filler
Dec 26, 2018

In order to replace the cooling tower filler, it is necessary to clean up the old cooling tower and lay new filler scientifically.The replacement of the old and new filler construction, generally follow the following steps:

1. Before construction, protect other equipment on site, and carry out necessary isolation and listing.Laying construction material cloth on the waterproof layer of the floor.

2. Remove the old packing.Turn off the motor power supply, remove the stretching bar at the filling part of the cooling tower, and then remove the old packing, clean up the garbage in the tower, and make the site clean.

3. Fill in new fillers.Adhesive cooling tower filler, and ensure that the filler in the binder curing time of the placement space, ensure that the contact point of the filler is in the same level of bonding, ensure that the contact point of the filler in the process of compression bonding uniform and close.

4. Clean the tower.Clean up the dust and garbage inside the cooling tower, pile the packing materials in sequence in the cooling tower, strictly prohibit trampling and extrusion, ensure that each pile and each layer of packing blocks are neat, ensure that the packing and the corners, column circumference tight no gap, difficult place does not exceed 2mm interval.Restore the tension bar of the filling part of the cooling tower.

5. The assembly block shall be assembled in the upper and lower directions, and the top surface of each layer shall be laid flat, and the debris shall be cleared between layers.

6, installation, maintenance and other work needs to work on the filler, must be operated on the plate, it is strictly prohibited to step on the filler.

7. During the whole construction process, it is strictly prohibited to weld above the filler, and fire prevention measures should be taken when necessary.

8. After the completion of filling replacement and physical examination and repair of the cooling tower, the construction tools and auxiliary installation facilities shall be taken out and the project shall be completed successfully.