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The Reason And Control Scheme Of Water Drift Of Cooling Tower Parts
Jul 17, 2017

The reason and control scheme of water drift of Cooling Tower Parts

Cooling tower component drift-water is the problem that many Cooling Tower Parts manufacturers meet, and has not been well solved. In a cold water system, any type of cooling tower unit has more or less water in the working state. Especially in the open cooling system, circulating water, direct contact with atmospheric bacteria and dust in the air is kept within the tower, to cause circulating water turbidity increased, algae formed in wet places of the tower, from the surface increases the resistance, pipeline and aproll system reduces the cooling efficiency, corrosion of the tower body. The droplets of water that float into the atmosphere are also highly likely to trap bacteria and pollution sources, causing pollution to the atmosphere or people.

The main reason for the drift of the components of the cooling tower

1. The cooling tower components are drawn by fan suction to pull the smaller water droplets out of the air duct.

2. The saturated state of hot and humid air after leaving the cooling tower component meets the outside cold air to reach the saturation state, and condenses into small water droplets to form floating water.

3. Water from the filling air outlet.

2. For the above reasons, the Cooling Tower Parts floating water can be controlled from the following aspects:

1, water square cross-flow fan Cooling Tower Parts based on large, wide hakaze machine, under the condition of the airflow must, increasing the windward side can reduce the fan speed, reducing water droplets velocity, reduce ram rinsing water.

2. After packing, the incoming air inlet is a honeycomb guide, with good uniform effect, and the heat exchange strength of water vapor is improved and stabilized. Into the wind side tilt Angle of 30 ° to the tower, the air can be imported, and the water is unable to spatter, effectively reduces the floating water loss.

With the development of central air conditioning project, the ground source heat pump system has been widely used. The ground source heat pump system USES underground energy to transfer heat to the ground during the summer. When winter comes, energy recycling is carried out to form an energy device for sustainable development. But most areas do not have a balanced cycle of energy. For excessive engineering in cold source required, Cooling Tower Parts demand of cold source in summer than in winter heat demand, finally caused the summer through the pipeline to underground heat release is greater than the need to heat in winter, time is long will certainly affect the temperature around the buried pipeline, the ground source heat pump system COP gradually reduced, the efficiency of the whole system also gradually reduced. Therefore, the heat dissipation of cooling tower in the ground source heat pump system is adopted to effectively solve the defect of soil thermal equilibrium and reduce the embedded depth of buried pipe and save cost.

Ground source heat pump system is the use of underground soil and groundwater in the principle of the relatively constant temperature of the soil around buildings buried deep within the piping system, through the water cycle, provide hot and cold source for buildings, Cooling Tower Parts a water-cooled heat exchange technology. The ground source heat pump system adopts a different heat exchange method, so it has the characteristics that many boilers or ordinary central air conditioning system do not have:

The earth source heat pump system is the result of a water cycle through the use of the water pump to form a heat exchange. Only electricity supply, no pollution, no pollution, environmental protection.

2. Cooling Tower Parts Compared with ordinary central air conditioning system, the source heat pump system of ground source heat pump is only circulating pump, and the power consumption is greatly reduced and energy saving is high.

3. It can be used for heating, cooling and meeting different needs.

4. System intelligent control, Cooling Tower Parts long service life. Gradually become the mainstream of modern engineering central air conditioning system.