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The Problems When Using Cooling Towers
Nov 08, 2017

Of course there are many cooling tower to choose,but if some area like sewage company, Paper mill,etc choose the normal cooling tower will cause some problem:

1.Steel parts corrode easily,fill support will damage.

2.Sundries gather on the fill,The fill support damage.

So we have to use special sewage cooling tower,the fill use special reseau and not easy to block, steel components are also treated in a special way and are not easy to corrosion.

The choice of cooling tower have to think about the environment,random selection won't have good cooling effect and will damage the cooling tower.

When choose the cooling tower,we should be more carefully about cooling tower type.After calculating the cooling water quantity, cooling capacity ,power parameters,can we choose the right cooling tower.Cooling tower has many materials,such as FRP,zinc aluminized sheet and stainless steel.So when we choose a cooling tower,we also should think about the cost.Here is some skills and requirements about how to choose a cooling tower.

1. According to the cooling fluid 

Some cooling fluid is corrosive,so the selected cooling tower material should avoid the chemical reaction with the cooling fluid .zinc aluminized sheet and stainless steel is anticorrosive with long service life,can meet the require of difference environment and operating requirement.

2. The cooling capability should match the applicable requirements.The cooling tower has it's cooling capability,do not save cost and choose a cooling tower can't reach the applicable requirements,it will cause cooling not in time and influence the safety production.

3.Selection of fan

The fan is an important device to control the air volume of cooling tower,but we should think about the noise of the fan.When choose the cooling tower,fan should choose the suitable power with big blades and low rotate speed.Big fan blades ensure the air quantity,and can reduce the fan rotate speed,then reduce the fan noise.

4.Selection of motor

The motor should have good insulativity,start-stop performance control good,operate steadily.Some cooling tower don't use reduce,the selection of motor must be strict.Under the well control condition,the higher the motor series the better,in order to keep the equipment runs smoothly.

5. Do not judge the cooling capacity by volume 

Cooling towers are usually designed to be compact,because it has to design water tank under the tower.However, in order to show the cooling capacity of the cooling tower, some manufacturers have made adjustments in the design of the tower,make the volume of the tower bigger to have big cooling capacity on sight.

6.Check the qualification

Qualification is the best thing to show the quality of the cooling tower.