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The Main Reason For The Poor Cooling Effect Of Air Cooler
Oct 19, 2017

The main reason for the poor cooling effect of Air Cooler
Air Cooler's cooling effect depends mainly on the size of the air flow and heat transfer area, and the size of the air volume depends on the size of the Air Cooler motor power and Air Cooler fan blade point size; we all know, Air Cooler attributed to mechanical refrigeration , That is white, that is, by the motor boom moving fan rotation to meet the air volume, such as the summer with the same fan, the fan of the stalls the greater the amount of air the greater the natural, but if the surrounding wet bulb temperature is too high, The greater the air volume, but the less the effect of cooling.
Heat transfer area is in fact the size of the Air Cooler filler, Air Cooler fan is the active air, and the main role of the filler is to block the flow of circulating water when the flow can make the circulating water can be connected with the activities of the air, Cooling the hot water with cold air, the greater the heat transfer area, the more cold air and circulating water heat exchange, the greater the heat taken away; so Air Cooler cooling effect is the most important heat transfer Area size; heat transfer area of the size of the main two parts, one is the shape of Air Cooler filler, but the Air Cooler filler height.
In summary, Air Cooler poor main reason for poor, (excluding selection is too small) is basically these two points, so if we found Air Cooler cooling effect is not good, mainly from these two points on the thinking; To see whether the filler is blocked, the second can be properly conditioning Air Cooler fan point of view, but it is best to carry out conditioning in the professional, or once the fan is not balanced, different heart, then directly harm Air Cooler motor.
Air Cooler is divided into standard type, medium temperature type and high temperature type three types, from the Air Cooler scale is very simple, standard Air Cooler minimum, high temperature Air Cooler maximum, so in the selection must pay attention to the same price as much as possible Or choose the scale of the Air Cooler;
Air Cooler in the course of the operation, the cost is mainly the power consumption of the motor; the size of the motor power is directly related to the size of the power consumption, in the Air Cooler how to make the motor more energy-efficient process? Here is a brief introduction to the Air Cooler energy-saving method.
Winter energy: winter because the temperature is relatively low, Air Cooler can not use the premise of the motor under the premise of natural cooling, so not only can achieve the cooling effect and can save electricity; in the hot summer, this method is not easy to use, If the equipment on the circulating water temperature requirements are not very strict, then we can on the Air Cooler transformation, the use of hydraulic turbine instead of motor, the use of circulating water itself, the pressure of the hydraulic turbine rotation, thus achieving the fan rotation cooling, The size of the circulating water pressure, the speed of rotation; turbine on the use of Air Cooler from the principle and technology to maximize the release of energy-saving effect, the real play zero power consumption, zero energy; turbine Air Cooler in the conventional Air Cooler Great advantage, it is not only simple operation, and zero power consumption, on the role of cooling only need to adjust the circulating water pressure on the line, the turbine Air Cooler not only cool faster, but also can greatly reduce the Air Cooler noise, the most important is The latter greatly reduced the Air Cooler maintenance, maintenance and other expenses.
Air Cooler cut corners, no anti-drift measures. Now a lot of Air Cooler manufacturers in order to save costs, will be in the Air Cooler materials on the hands and feet, normally Air Cooler factory equipped with floating water measures, such as fixed sprinkler system Air Cooler, must be equipped with V-shaped Water, and rotating water system Air Cooler sprinkler on the watertight, as long as with these two kinds of waterproof measures, Air Cooler water can basically solve the phenomenon.