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The Main Factors When Choose A Cooling Tower 2
Mar 06, 2018

1.Site, level, the size of the cooling tower layout area.

Site and the size of the cooling tower layout area decides which type cooling tower to use.Because according to the specification,the cooling tower installation has a fixed value to the surrounding structure and the distance between the tower.For example,if the distance don't match the require that use several round type cooling towers ,we will change to use several counter flow cooling towers or cross flow cooling towers.Smoe hospital and hotel would like to install the cooling tower on the roof.So we have to think about whether the roof can support the weight of the tower.

Level decides whether is the hot water flow to the cooling tower by gravity or the cooling water flow to the cooling equipment and products by gravity.The former has to build a cold water pool, the latter has to build a hot water pool.

2.Equipment material supply and installation conditions.

The equipment supply includes fan, motor, water fill, water distribution system and hoisting equipment, power supply, etc.