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The Main Factors When Choose A Cooling Tower 1
Mar 02, 2018

1.The amount,temperature,quality and operation mode of the cooling water

The amount of the cooling tower decides the type of the cooling tower.When the cooling water amount is < 500t/h,usually choose counter flow mechanical draft cooling tower.When the amount of the cooling water is > 500t/h ,usually choose single or multiple parallel cross flow mechanical ventilation cooling tower or counter flow cross flow multiple mechanical ventilation cooling tower.

The water temperature Δt is the difference between the inlet temperature t 1 and the outlet temperature t 2 (Δt =t 1 -t 2 ),it desides you choose standrad model cooling tower (designΔt =5 ℃),moderate temperature model cooling tower (designΔt =10 ℃)or high temperature cooling tower(designΔt =20 ℃).Usually when the Δt ≥ 6 ℃,choose moderate temperature model cooling towe;when the Δt ≥ 11 ℃,choose high temperature cooling tower.

The quality of the cooling water and the substances in the water decides the treatment of circulating water and which  water treatment chemicals to use.The operation mode refers to the whole year or the intermittent operation,it desides the maintenance management and maintenance of the cooling tower.