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The Important Of The Cooling Water Quality
May 07, 2018

When we talk about the cooling tower energy saving,we always forget about the treatment of the quality of the cooling water.However the circuit water quality treatment is as important as the cooling tower energy saving.In order to keep the cooling tower running stable and efficient for a long time, the circulating water quality must be controlled.

Because the cooling tower transfer the heat mainly by  evaporation.With the evaporation of water molecules in the circulating water, the concentration of calcium and magnesium is increased, so the scaling problem is very prominent.The fouling always stored on the cooling tower component, which affects the ventilation of the cooling tower,increase the ventilation resistance and the increase the fan consumption.Seriously fouling affects water spray too, the channel of water flow becomes smaller when through the filling , the circulating water is difficult to pass, and can cause the collapse of the packing.

The common chemical treatment method is to add the scale inhibitor and sterilizing agent in the circulation water to reduce the scaling formation on the wall surface of the the heat exchanger,circuit pipeline and inside the cooling tower.And add ozone in the circuit water is to destroy the the living environment of microorganism is another way.