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The Importance Of Maintenance Cleaning Of Cooling Tower
Sep 19, 2017

The importance of maintenance cleaning of Cooling Tower
Whether the normal operation of the Cooling Tower is directly related to the performance of the Cooling Tower to ensure that the Cooling Tower with a long time, exposed to the various parts of the outside easy to scale, especially the internal and water pipe device cleaning is particularly important, can not be ignored, So that the failure of the Cooling Tower due to a small loss of normal operation. Cooling Tower of various parts of the cleaning method:
1, Cooling Tower packing as the air and water tower for the exchange of heat and moisture medium, usually made of high-grade PVC materials, are a class of plastic, it is easy to clean. When found to have dirt or microbial attachment, with water or cleaning agent can be cleaned.
2, the collection of dirt or micro-organisms attached to the most easily found, the use of rinse method is very easy to make it clean. However, it is important to note that the outlet of the Cooling Tower is blocked before cleaning, and the drain valve is opened during cleaning, so that the dirty water from the drain is discharged from the drain to avoid entering the return pipe of the cooling water.
3, in the cleaning of cloth and fill the equipment should be so the operation of the use of belt deceleration device, every two weeks to check the tension of a transmission belt, inappropriate to adjust. If the tension of a few belts is different, all need to be replaced: if the Cooling Tower does not run for a long time, it is best to remove the belt and save it.
 In recent years, with the continuous development of the economy, the continuous development of high-rise buildings, Cooling Tower are generally installed in high-rise buildings upstairs or 6-8 floor terrace platform, and the main noise for the fan noise, tower vibration noise and water Noise and so on. Therefore, we need to test the inlet, when the exhaust noise reaches 65dB (A) above, superimposed Cooling Tower noise and water noise, the Cooling Tower at 1m noise level will generally reach 78-83dB (A ). Noise on high-rise building customers and the surrounding residential areas of greater harm to properly handle the Cooling Tower noise on the impact of the surrounding environment has become a hot spot for comprehensive management of environmental protection.
With the urban office area and residential quarters of the residents of the noise in the low-frequency noise complaints more and more low-frequency noise and vibration of the mitigation of low-frequency noise to people's harm is particularly urgent.
Radiant Cooling Tower noise control Mainly through the installation of special muffler to solve the exhaust fan out of the noise, set the noise barrier to reduce the Cooling Tower into the exhaust noise, shower noise, motor and transmission equipment, mechanical noise, and muffler to solve the water Noise, the equipment for soft and vibration treatment measures. Cooling Tower main noise from the fan into the exhaust noise and water noise, the noise is generally strong up to 90 ~ 101dB (A), the fan into the exhaust noise than other parts of the noise about 5-10dB (A), the spectral characteristics To the low frequency of the continuous spectrum, is a low frequency noise; tower body radiation noise, the inlet circulation of hot water from the watering device whereabouts, and the bottom of the water tray water hit the water ring is high frequency noise, The overall noise figure of the Cooling Tower is around 80 dB (A).
Cooling Tower bleaching water is a lot of Cooling Tower manufacturers encountered, and has not been a very good solution to the problem. Chillers system, any form of Cooling Tower in the working state are more or less there is drift phenomenon. Especially in the open cooling system, the circulating water is in direct contact with the atmosphere. The bacteria and dust in the air remain in the tower, resulting in an increase in the turbidity of the circulating water. The algae are formed in the wetlands of the tower, And water system resistance, reducing the cooling efficiency, corrosion of the tower. Its floating into the atmosphere of water droplets are also likely to entrain with bacteria and pollution sources, the atmosphere or people causing pollution.