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The Future Trend And Direction Analysis Of Air Cooler
Jul 17, 2017

The future trend and direction analysis of Air Cooler

Air Cooler are mainly used in metallurgy, petrochemical, power, urban rail transit, textile, ship and other areas of national economy and ventilation in various places. In addition to the traditional application domain, the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue, NSP clinker technological transformation, the energy saving and comprehensive utilization of resources of metallurgical industry, such as more than 20 potential market segments will have larger development prospects.

As air conditioning manufacturing industry competition intensifying, large air conditioning manufacturing merger integration between enterprises and capital operation, excellent cooling mechanism made domestic enterprises more and more emphasis on industry market research, especially for industrial development environment and product the in-depth study of the buyer. Because of this, a large number of excellent domestic air-conditioners brand rise rapidly, gradually become the cold air mechanism industry in the industry!

From Air Cooler demand characteristic prediction for wide usage, bedding face of small and medium-sized Air Cooler, the product structure and manufacturing process is simple, cost is low, the user is the main pursuit of high efficiency, low noise, long life, and the price is cheap. The other is a capital, technology intensive, the product structure is complex, manufacturing cycle is long, systematic and systemic is strong, and under the condition of high pressure, high temperature and high speed running, some even under the condition of running, users have different requirements of the Air Cooler. For the turbine air compressor and the compressor and the large ventilation machine, the user mainly pursues high quality, high reliability, stable operation and long cycle.

It is the most widely used, the most demand and the most manufacturers are the most widely used in general ventilation and air cooler (generally for small and medium-sized centrifuges and axial circulation air-conditioners). Generally speaking, the supply of such products exceeds demand. Special-purpose Air Cooler (including corrosion Air Cooler, wear-resisting, high temperature Air Cooler Air Cooler, fire smoke exhaust Air Cooler, etc.) while not demand is very big, but because of its special working environment, the need to differentiate between, because the main material requirement is special. The main characteristic of the rotz Air Cooler is that when the pressure is adjusted within the allowable range, the flow rate is very small, the pressure selection is wide and the main disadvantage is that it is noisy. With the introduction of technology, joint venture and self-development, our country has introduced the low noise of three lotz drum air-conditioners, which is popular with users and the market prospect is better. The turbine compressor (including centrifugal compressor, axial flow compressor and axial flow - centrifugal compound compressor) is an important equipment for the complete set of engineering and plays an important role in the national economy. The performance requirement of turbine compressor is high pressure and high flow rate. As the complete equipment is large, the parameters of the turbine compressor are higher and higher. Such as blast furnace smelting device, large coal chemical plant, large fertilizer plant, large ethylene device, large air separation device, gas pipeline conveying device and oil gas injection device, etc. The demand for such products accounts for a small amount of Air Cooler, but due to its importance and complex structure, long manufacturing cycle and high technical content, it has better economic and social benefits. The manufacturing level of turbine compressor represents the overall level of air compressor industry.

The market environment

From the capacity of domestic market to forecast Air Cooler according to different pressure and flow requirements, the difference is very large. Therefore, the demand of Air Cooler should be differentiated according to their type and size and forecast according to different industry demand. The trend of global economic integration is becoming more and more obvious. The economies of all countries will become more interdependent, and international economic cooperation and exchanges are becoming more and more closely. The international market is in a period of great cross and integration. At the same time, the global industrial structure adjustment pace is picking up, a significant progress in scale and depth are the international division of labor, the developed countries continue to industrial production to capital intensive and technology intensive industry, labor-intensive products transfer to developing countries and regions. This gives our country its advantage, and it provides great opportunities for development in the international market.

Since the 1970s, the introduction of advanced technology of centrifugal compressor has been introduced in China, which has been absorbed and innovated to improve the product level. As long as the quality and delivery time are guaranteed, the advantage of price will be competitive in the world. Especially after China's entry into the WTO, it is entirely possible to increase the export of air-conditioners. From the historical analysis, the main export varieties are small and medium-sized Air Cooler and Air Cooler. The main difference between the domestic production of such air-conditioners is that the surface quality can not meet the export requirements. If it improves the appearance quality and has the price advantage, the prospects in foreign markets are broad.