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The Difference Between The Cross Flow Cooling Tower And Counter Flow Cooling Tower
Oct 30, 2017

The advantages of the cross-flow cooling tower:

1.Simple structure,easy to assemble and disassemble.

2.Low water head pressure(energy-saving)

3.Easy to Maintain,low failure rate(it has no rotating water distribution equipment)

4.Cooling fin is not easy to have dirt and algae and easy to clean.

5.Other emergency cooling measures can be taken when the environment temperature is higher than the design environment temperature.(add fan,water spray directly etc)

6.Low cost, not easy to corrode,the pressure of the motor required can be low.


The advantages:

1.The efficiency is relatively low compared to the counter flow,when the refrigerating capacity is same,it needs bigger volume and floor space.

2. Slightly more water.


The advantages of the counter-flow cooling tower:

1.The floor space is small,refrigerating capacity is higher than the cross flow (The water through mechanical movement,much more uniform distribute on the cooling fin,the unit heat dissipation efficiency of cooling fin is improved)

2.Can produce bigger water temperature difference than the cross flow type.


The advantages:

1.The internal mechanism is complicated, the inner rotating water distributor is easy to break down, and the maintenance is not convenience after the rotating water distributor break down.

2.Easy to have have dirt and algae and block the rotating sprinkler head,it's require to the dirt and algae is higher.

3.requirement to the pressure is higher,it's inside is all metal parts.

4.The hydraulic pressure requirement is high,require to the water pump configuration is high.

5.Efficiency attenuate is quick.


Counter flow type most used in round type cooling tower,cross flow type is most used in square cooling tower.Which one to choose and which one is better depends on the situation.