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The Correct Use Of Air Cooler
Sep 08, 2017

The correct use of Air Cooler
1: Place horizontally. Air Cooler should be placed level, pay attention to the use of not be skewed, before using the socket outlet power supply is not on the nameplate with the parameters on the common.
2: often add water. The new machine or long-term after the air-conditioning fan, must be perfused before use, water level can be measured by the water level, control the amount of water, water should be unplugged before the power plug to avoid damage to electrical components, To close to the "highest" position can be, not over full; irrigation water, the door closed, in the use of refrigeration, pay attention to the status of the survey, when the water level down to near the "lowest" position, that should be added Add water, or will be out of the cooling effect.
3: frozen ice crystal. The usual Air Cooler is equipped with two ice crystals, every night, put a refrigerator at home in the refrigerator for a period of time, the next day out to put in the tank, the role is very good.
4: proper humidification. If you want to use the role of cooling and humidification, the first must be filled in the water tank, start the operation about 1-3 minutes, the temperature from the ambient temperature drop and reach the best effect. Conditions when filling low temperature cold water or ice water, cooling better. If in the water to participate in the amount of spices, blowing out will be waves of fragrant cool wind, in the hot summer, people relaxed and happy, feel comfortable. Light press the humidification, light, start humidification function, such as the revocation of humidification function and then press the button, the indicator light off, humidification function is suspended.
5: swing air. The usual Air Cooler has a swing swing function, when the demand for swinging air, only need to press the "wind" to select the key once, so that "swing wind" indicator light, that is automatically automatically put the air, air view point of 120 degrees, If you do not need to swing the air, and then press the wind to select the key once, so that "directional wind" indicator light, then stop swing directional air. At the same time can also adjust the direction of the upper and lower air supply, such as adjusting the direction of long guide wind, can make the wind direction down all or up, according to your needs to adjust to the best position.
Maintenance: Air Cooler long-term need, the water tank should be clean water, room temperature for some time, so that the machine, especially some of the filter thoroughly dry and then use plastic bags, for reuse.
Cleaning: Air Cooler after long-term operation, the filter due to dust, dirt blockage affect the amount of air and cooling, it is best to clean it every two weeks, as follows: (1) unplug the power; (2) Remove the rear cover; (3) pull out the connector, remove the filter and the rear cover together; (4) with detergent and clean water for the appropriate concentration; (5) the filter and the rear cover into the container , Wash 10-15 minutes after the replacement of clean water, do not immerse the small motor in the water, do not rinse the small motor with water; (6) the filter and the rear cover re-installed back to the original place.
Air Cooler has both home and industry. Home Air Cooler as a summer cooling equipment and air conditioning, fan and other functions similar. Air conditioning fan is between the air conditioner and the fan of a device, cooling effect is not significant air conditioning, but the effect is much better than the fan.
On the current situation of the market, most of the air conditioning fan cooling cooling effect is not significant, but also to increase the ice when cooling, so the trouble. Air Cooler as an improved version of the air conditioning fan, not only the cooling effect is significant and do not have to increase the ice crystal, relatively speaking, more convenient. In addition, some brands of Air Cooler can also achieve the role of clean air and water to ensure that the freshness of the environment. On the relatively hot northern region, Air Cooler the role of the application is particularly significant, but also do not have to worry about the situation will be air conditioning, cooling fresh air, but also appropriate power.
Air Cooler low cost, can quickly recover the capital, the system is simple, the device is also the convenience of comparison. After the Air Cooler's operation, the doors and windows can not be kept in the closed condition, the indoor air convection to ensure that the air temperature and humidity, the current domestic similar products in the Air Cooler's low noise, the body itself does not heat to the surrounding. So to a lot better than the traditional air conditioner.