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The Correct Method Of Repair And Maintenance Of Cooling Tower Parts
Aug 08, 2017

The correct method of repair and maintenance of Cooling Tower Parts
1. Cooling Tower Parts frame appearance and basin to remove dirt, with water cleaning filler.
2. Check the Cooling Tower Parts sprinkler system is blocked, if any impurities to remove the phenomenon of congestion.
3. Check whether the Cooling Tower Parts basin and float system are leaking, if the problem is solved.
4. Check the cooling tower parts for all fasteners to loosen the loosening fasteners.
5. The cooling tower component packing is cleaned once a year and the filler cleaning loss is about 10% to 15%.
6. Check the motor of the cooling tower assembly, replace the butter in the motor, refuel the bearing and replace the oil seal. Motor bearings in the adjustment process should pay attention to even the magnetic gap, should use the instrument detection, and strive to make the operation of the current evenly, to extend its service life. (Note: motor bearings can be changed every two years)
7. Replace the Cooling Tower Parts reducer lubricants, and check the oil level is appropriate to refuel the bearing and replace the oil seal. The reducer uses every 10,000 hours to decouple the reducer and clean the internal parts.
8. Check whether there is dirt or scale buildup on the Cooling Tower Parts. If the soil and scale are carefully removed, the balance of the fan is maintained.
9. Check the tightness of the cooling tower component belt and adjust the motor belt to the best position, and strive to extend the belt life.
10. To the Cooling Tower Parts of the motor and reducer brush anti-rust paint. Check the galvanized parts of the cooling tower parts for damage and corrosion, such as the use of anti-rust paint and anti-corrosion materials.
11. A comprehensive inspection of the operation of the Cooling Tower Parts: the fan should be clockwise direction of the wind up, the fan is running smoothly, rotating the water dispenser is running or whether the nozzle water is uniform water, motor moisture control measures are tight and so on.
12. Regularly clear the marsh, mud and debris in the distribution tank, at least once a year in spring and autumn. Often check and eliminate the drainage tank leakage, fracture, damage and other defects.
13. According to local conditions to adjust the hydraulic allocation measures, if necessary, can partially change the nozzle diameter, adjust the distribution tank elevation, equipped with water tank adjustment valve, in order to achieve the tower with water evenly.
14. Filled fillers must always be kept intact and the supporting girders and their supporting beams are locally damaged and should be repaired, swung or renewed in time.
15. To maintain the integrity of the circulating water ditch filter clean, dirty dirt should be promptly cleaned when the rust damage should be promptly repaired or updated.
16. Keep the water filler clean, dirty dirt should be associated with the relevant units to identify the causes and analysis of the impact, and then take the necessary measures to restore the original state.
17. Pay attention to maintaining the ventilation conditions around the tower area and environmental sanitation. There shall be no obstructions affecting the inlet of the Cooling Tower Parts within 15 m around the Cooling Tower Parts. The elevation of the tower area shall be kept below the height of the Cooling Tower Parts at the top of the tank. Preventing mud and other debris from entering the cooling tower Parts of the pool.
18. The catchment should be fitted with water level and marked with the highest and lowest water level. Regularly check a pool, ditch at the bottom of the dirty situation, silt accumulation of more than 20 ~ 30cm thickness, that should be arranged to completely clean up.
 19. Timely completion of the circulation ditch, pressure pipes, check the well cover and gate, sewage system and other facilities maintenance work. The valve and other transmission equipment should be regularly refueling maintenance, to maintain its flexible switch, in addition to winter, the monthly cooling system should be two directions for each valve 2 to 3 turns to prevent rust die astringent.
 20. Autumn, do a good job of anti-freeze preparation work; winter, take seriously anti-frost measures.
twenty one. The metal structure and metal pipe should be regularly organized with the relevant units to check the corrosion rate, in order to take metal rust when necessary measures.
twenty two. Should ensure that the mechanical ventilation Cooling Tower Parts of the rotating equipment to run properly, improve the maintenance of technology and maintenance process level, in case of defects, should strive to do non-stop tower, safe and timely to eliminate and deal with.
twenty three. Before the summer, the Cooling Tower Parts need to be carried out in the following two areas:
     A) clean up the work: the Cooling Tower Parts within the ditch, sink, pool, water filler, nozzle and other dirt, sediment cleaning clean, to ensure that the water, the air unimpeded.
     B) Repair and replenishment: Spilled fillers, splashing devices, water distribution pipes, rotating equipment, lubricating oil systems, etc. are damaged and missing should be given to repair and supplement to ensure safe and economical operation in the summer.