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The Cooling Tower Parts Improve The Water Film Forming Ability
Jul 27, 2017

The Cooling Tower Parts improve the water film forming ability
   The cooling tower component reinforcement material is made of alkali-free alkali glass fiber, suitable for the production of bulk products by the type and shape of the restrictions. The hand-paste molding process is based on the resin mixture with the curing agent as the matrix, the glass fiber and its fabric as the reinforcing material, in the mold with the release agent on the manual placement of bonding bonding, the manufacture of glass steel products Process method.
   To be fully dry and then add a curing agent initiator accelerator paint paste and other additives and stir the uniform gel coat or resin mixture, brushing in the mold forming surface, the base resin is usually used unsaturated polyester resin or epoxy Resin, molding process The process of hand-paste molding process is: first in the clean or through the surface treatment of the mold surface coated with release agent, Cooling Tower Parts cut glass cloth and other reinforced materials Note that impregnated resin, Until the design thickness is reached. Specialized production of Cooling Tower Parts, round, square Cooling Tower Parts, countercurrent, cross flow Cooling Tower Parts, no filler spray tower components, FRP cold water tower, FRP cold water tower, glass steel tank, FRP pipe, FRP fan, glass steel Absorption tower and other fiberglass products business.
   The most important role of the Cooling Tower Parts is to transfer the waste heat to the air and disperse it in the atmosphere. We have some firepower in the power plant will have its existence. After the use of water, the water is heated to produce some high-pressure gas, and these high-pressure gas will make the steam turbine in the case of power generation, but the following is the second need to be cooled, at this time the product will be able to play a role.
In our lives you can also see the use of Cooling Tower Parts and the characteristics of the role. Office space or shopping malls in the central air conditioning will have its participation, so as to achieve the effect of cooling the circulating fluid. And some professional production of the manufacturers will produce a wide range of products, we can according to their own needs to use the product to buy, so as to allow the product to better play their own advantages and role.
   Cooling Tower Parts using both sides of the wind, by the top of the fan, so that the air through the tower on both sides of the filler, and hot water for medium exchange, hot and humid air and then row to the tower. Fill the two sides with bumps on the point of the wave plate, through the installation of the head so that the wave plate into a whole, in order to improve the rigidity of the bumps on both sides can also avoid direct dripping, thus improving the water film forming capacity, Water measures.
 Cooling Tower Parts corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight, small size, small footprint, beautiful and durable, and transport, installation and maintenance are more convenient. Which is widely used in various sectors of the national economy, air conditioning, refrigeration, air pressure stations, heating furnace and condensing process cooling water circulation system is particularly appropriate.
    Round countercurrent Cooling Tower Parts using counter-flow gas heat exchange technology, packing with high-quality modified polychloride plate to spread the area of water; by rotating the water way to achieve uniform distribution of water and enhance the cooling effect. I have this series of products on the shape of the design made some improvements to make it more reliable, durable, easy assembly.
 Cooling Tower Parts on the use of the environment requirements:
   Industrial production or refrigeration process generated waste heat, generally with cooling water to guide away. The role of the cold water tower is to carry the waste heat of the cooling water in the tower with the air for heat exchange, so that waste heat to the air and into the atmosphere. For example: the thermal power plant, the boiler will be heated to high temperature and high pressure steam, to promote the steam turbine to make the generator power generation, the steam turbine after the work of the waste steam discharged into the condenser, with the cooling water for heat exchange condensate into water, Back to the boiler recycling. The waste heat in this process is passed to the cooling water, so that the water temperature increases, with waste heat of the cooling water, in the Cooling Tower Parts will be heat transfer to the air, from the air duct into the atmosphere. Mainly used in air conditioning cooling system, refrigeration series, injection molding, leather, foam, power generation, steam turbine, aluminum processing, air compressor, industrial water cooling and other fields, the most used for air conditioning cooling, refrigeration, plastic chemical industry.