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The Cooling Tower Operation Key Points (1)
May 15, 2018

1. The cooling tower motor should be connected with the direction arrow indicated on the fan.

2. Please confirm whether the switch, fuse and wiring are configured according to the capacity of the motor.Single-phase running will burn out the motor. We recommend using a current protector.

3.Prior to the initial operation of the circulating pump, when the pump is stopped, the water is filled with piping. Open the valve, start the pump and slowly open the valve. If you open the valve to start the pump, the impact of the water can damage the parts inside the cooling tower. Pay attention to the water level of the lower sink until all piping is full. Use the make-up water inlet until the water level in the lower tank is stable to operate continuously. At this time, be careful not to let air in the filter. The water level is measured using a water meter or the like, and the water flow is adjusted by adjusting the valve angle. If there is a load, start the pump and start the cycle before loading.If the load is added at a time when the amount of water is not stable, the temperature of the inlet water will be abnormally high.