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The Construction Of Air Cooler To Promote The Development Of Environmental Protection Industry
Jun 14, 2017

The construction of Air Cooler to promote the development of environmental protection industry

    The air conditioner is used for a long period of time and also needs to be inspected for a long period of time. Since the air conditioner is often exposed to the outside, it has a strong adsorption force for the fan, so this result can cause many of the sediment and debris Was involved in the interior of the air conditioner, the long run will lead to its cooling capacity decline.

The main phenomenon of its ability to decline, the water outlet is very easy to cause plug, part of the sludge and sediment is also very easy to enter the cooling water treatment system, such a result will lead to the normal cooling of cooling water, Therefore, in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of various phenomena, professional staff should be regularly on the equipment maintenance and cleaning.

When cleaning into the air conditioner, the use of cleaning tools, and high pressure water gun for chip cleaning.

Cleaning should pay attention to the need to first let the air in the air conditioner to let go, and then start to clear the place, the benefits of doing so can achieve a uniform water supply, when the water hole can be blocked with the tools to clear the situation.

Clean the time to use the appropriate tools to clean the internal sediment and dirt and then focus on one place, after all the clean-up in the centralized processing.

Cleaning should pay attention to the standard is at least 90% of the decontamination rate, in the clean when the should be comprehensive, thorough, reduce the hidden dangers.

Cleaning can be used when the high-pressure water gun inside the air conditioner and the outside are rinsing, after the clean-up in the clean-up site to ensure clean and environmentally friendly.

Production is the most important, enterprises to buy air-conditioning is also for production services. If the user does not know how to choose the right air conditioner, can provide production information, we can choose the right air conditioner for you. Or provide your site, we can go to the scene, but also according to your request to send instructions, materials, samples, design, etc. come over.

   The site is also relatively important, it is related to the size of the air conditioner, if the site is too small, can not put the right air conditioner, it must be unfavorable to the production. The use of air conditioners is very extensive, almost all of the factories will be used. Modern industrial area of the plant have a certain demand for fire, if not enough space is bound to delay the production of enterprises. And small factories with air-conditioners are usually placed in the fire channel, so companies should be set up when the plant room enough space.

   Especially for the higher temperature requirements of the factory, even more to do so. Because the same type of air-conditioning, the larger the diameter, the better the cooling effect.