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The Application Of Cooling Tower Fan In The Cooling Equipment System
Nov 02, 2017

The cooling tower fan plays a fundamental role in the gas flow in the cooling tower,discharge the cooling medium after evaporation in time can maximum reduce the temperature of the cooling tower,play the security role in the safety of cooling medium's refrigeration.This is one of the important factors affecting the efficiency of the cooling tower.

When cooling tower is used to cool the equipment,ensure the circulation rate of the cooling medium is one of the important working conditions, and also an important factor for the efficiency of cooling tower.Cooling water is a common cooling medium, direct contact with the equipment, absorb and evaporate heat at the same time,realize the heat exchange with equipment, reduce the heat generated by the high-speed operation of the equipment itself.With the increasing use of induction heating equipment,because the user's own condition is different,some don't pay attention to the equipment's water cooling system,most people don't use distilled water as regulations,the water quality have big effect on the equipment's water cooling system and parts.

Cooling tower fan application require in the cooling equipment demand is higher and higher, fan products quality and performance are some extent improved, and in some areas,cooling tower fan start to use as the main ventilating device, and the effect better than the air cooler, and play a more active role on the cycle of the cooling system.

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