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The Air Cooler Parts Are A Kind Of Important Industrial Circulating Water System
Jul 07, 2017

The Air Cooler Parts are a kind of important industrial circulating water system

Air cooler parts is an important industrial circulating water device, using different temperature of air and water two medium through direct contact and indirect contact way to reduce the water temperature in order to achieve the purpose of water circulation. FRP air cooler parts have the construction is simple, compact structure, light weight, high strength, good corrosion and low cost advantages, come out quickly after different materials such as wood, steel, Air Cooler Parts reinforced concrete air cooler parts. The parts of glass steel air cooler have become the only cooling equipment for circulating water, Air Cooler Parts and have become one of the biggest products in the glass and steel industry. In general, countercurrent air cooler parts are relatively large in terms of noise; For maintenance, the parts packing of the horizontal flow air cooler can be removed and cleaned, and the motor and fan can be removed easily. In practical application, if it is used in building air conditioning, it can choose the horizontal air cooler parts, low noise, small area and easy to repair; Air Cooler Parts If it is for industrial use, it is recommended to choose the countercurrent air cooler parts, which can be damaged by the running of the transverse tower in winter.

The water turbine technology of the air cooler parts was first proposed in the world in 2003, and has not yet seen the complicated mechanism of destruction. The water turbine technology of the air cooler parts was first proposed in the world in 2003, and it has not yet seen relevant technical reports and literature in foreign countries. Therefore, the main investigation research is basically confined to the domestic. Domestic research on air cooler parts turbine is mainly about the application of air cooler parts turbine is introduced, product information and some patents, less real theory of the value of literature. There are quite a few research results that can be used for reference. There is little information abroad.

1. Improve the economy, safety and reliability of steam turbine operation. This is to consider the economic benefits of the air cooler parts run one of the main aspects, because insures the safe running of the steam turbine has high thermal efficiency, Air Cooler Parts and economic benefits gained by the full power of value is bigger.

2. Reduce the power consumption of circulating water pumps, the power plant circulating water pump can use up to 1.5-3.5% of the total power generation, and be diligent in adjusting and rationally opening and stopping the water pump, which has certain value to the power of the annular ring. A 300mw generator unit is usually equipped with five circulating pumps, and only one of the circulating pumps can reduce its power consumption by 1100 kilowatts.

3. Keep the cooling equipment healthy. Keep the health status of cooling equipment, is the major ways to increase economic efficiency, Air Cooler Parts to reduce the maintenance cost, Air Cooler Parts reduce the influence of maintenance period and improve the cooling efficiency can produce great economic value. Cold and frosty areas should be fully aware of the prevention of frost damage.