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The Advantages Of Energy - Saving Cooling Tower In Technological Transformation Are As Follows
Jul 07, 2017

The advantages of energy - saving Cooling Tower in technological transformation are as follows

1, energy saving: under the premise that the original design parameter and running effect is guaranteed, the use of surplus energy systems to turbine replace popular motor, change of hydraulic drive, electric drive to save energy consumption of the motor to achieve energy saving, finally realizes the comprehensive energy saving efficiency.

2. Safety: because there is no electrical equipment on the Cooling Tower of the hydrodynamic fan, the leakage and spark can be eliminated, and it can operate safely in any explosion-proof and anti-static environment.

3, cold effect: with the change of the seasons, the fan rotation speed moving of the water changes with the change of water flow or pressure, air volume change, also make the Cooling Tower of gas water than stability in the best state, to achieve the best cooling effect.

4. Environmental protection: because the hydrodynamic fan saves the fan motor and the gearbox, it can greatly reduce the vibration noise of the Cooling Tower and reduce the pollution to the environment.

5. Economy: due to the rigorous design of water turbine, reasonable structure, smooth operation and low failure rate; At the same time, the motor, gearbox, cable and distribution cabinet are cancelled, and the daily maintenance costs are reduced.

1. According to the operation of circulating water pump, the water circulating water: the characteristic curve of the circulating pump can be checked by the product information document provided by the pump manufacturer, and the test verification shall be adopted when necessary. In the operation, the flow of water can be calculated according to the opening number of the circulating pump and the indicator of the pressure gauge to check the characteristic curve of the pump.

2. According to the running situation of the nozzle, the water flow is calculated according to the water level at the running time of the nozzle. In this paper, the characteristics of the used porcelain tube nozzle can be directly consulted with the characteristic curve.

3. The flow of water on the side of the planter tube: the method is used to measure the flow of pipe when the inner diameter is greater than 50cm. Its principle is: insert the tube into water for all under water pressure inside (the sum of static pressure and dynamic pressure), pipe side hole flow under static pressure, with differential pressure gauge indicates that the difference between the two pressure measuring point, namely the flow dynamic pressure, according to beforehand numerical and formula conversion rate of the side point of the water flow rate, according to certain procedures on the same section for more quantity, the average flow velocity on the cross section is obtained, and the cross section area and average velocity of multiplication, can calculate the pipe in the inland waters flow.

The Cooling Tower has changed the thermal characteristics of the working conditions and can be expressed in a variety of charts (i.e., "thermal characteristics curves"). Different types of thermal characteristics curve, its preparation steps and methods are different, each has its own characteristics. Different Cooling Towers are different in size and structure, so they have different thermal characteristics of Cooling Tower. Considering the convenience and needs of operation management of Cooling Tower, this paper USES an example to recommend the thermal characteristic curve of one type of Cooling Tower. In recent years, the company actively respond to a nation "twelfth five-year" about low carbon environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction, improving Cooling Tower new product research and development capabilities, design develop the unpowered turbine Cooling Tower and the waterfall rotary type energy saving Cooling Tower, advanced technology, reliable quality and excellent performance.