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Square Cross Flow Type Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Cooling Towers
Nov 14, 2016

1, the standard design conditions: 31.5 c dry-bulb temperature, wet-bulb temperature 28 ° c, air pressure is 99400Pa, inlet water temperature 42 ° c, water temperature of 32 degrees Celsius;

2, can be more than one parallel into various groups of water cooling towers;

3, the structure itself to give the product excellent low-noise performance (end of filling a rain zone, so there is no dripping noise);

4, vertical, low installation height, apply to certain special places;

5, using the wing structure of large-diameter on an empty stomach, large area, low speed, low pressure glass fiber reinforced plastic fan blade, using such cooling tower with energy-saving, low-noise characteristics;

6, ultra low noise efficient noise reduction device is in the inlet and cooling towers, cooling towers at the same level and effective noise reduction of 5dB (a);

7, using tank water systems, distributed water, not easy to block;

8, fillers itself with a honeycomb-shaped water collector, excellent water effect, cooling tower water floating losses to 0.01% or less;

9, simple structure, low operating weight, the Tower of set maintenance platform, maintenance more convenient;