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Square Counter-glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Cooling Towers
Nov 14, 2016

Square counter-glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling towers

1, the standard design conditions: 31.5 c dry-bulb temperature, wet-bulb temperature 28 ° c, air pressure is 99400Pa, inlet water temperature 42 ° c, water temperature of 32 degrees Celsius;

2 choose packing inclined trapezoidal towers, excellent thermal performance, air resistance, makes the cooling tower structure is compact, small footprint design;

3, the use of wing-shaped hollow structure of large diameter, large area and low speed, low pressure glass fiber reinforced plastic fan blade, using such cooling tower with energy-saving, low-noise characteristics;

4, ultra low noise cooling towers for inlets and rain area efficient noise reduction device, so that the same level of cooling tower effective noise reduction of 5dB (a);

5, can be combined in various forms of parallel, more suitable for circulating cooling water system of large water use;

6, the use of fixed water system using ABS multi-layer flow low pressure watering nozzles, distributed water, long life, and low with hydraulic head, with water to save system power;

7, BO-160/45 asymmetric water collector device is water, water with excellent results, cooling tower water floating losses to 0.01% or less;

8, tower frame is Q-235 profile, made of 304 stainless steel profiles, FRP profile, "304/FRP" framework can be applied to recycled water use PH as low as 1.0 or less acidic environment;

9, the framework can be used for cooling tower water 800m3/h of reinforced concrete frame, the frame construction slightly long, one-time investment week asks the high, but with a long service life and low maintenance cost premium, users choose a Visual;

10, such as the persistently high turbidity of circulating water to more than 50ppm, or oily impurity is required depending on the water quality conditions using PVC grid filler or 304 stainless steel hanging plate filled, the packings of circulating water turbidity can be extended to 450ppm;

11, structural stability, the Tower of set maintenance platform, maintenance more convenient;