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Selection Of Cooling Tower Types And Tonnage 2
Oct 23, 2017

The selection of cooling tower's tonnage

During the usual design,although the selection of cooling tower tonnage will have some margin,but in the actual running,it's not enough.


Cooling tower als a accessory equipment,it's design and selection usually according to the cooling amount of the need of the refrigeration equipment.But when match the cooling tower,it is basically just fine,and rarely consider a margin coefficient for the cooling tower.


During actual running,when in hot summer,refrigeration equipment achieves the design value, and at this point, the environmental conditions for cooling towers work far worse than the design conditions, due to the ambient air relative humidity is high, can't effectively evaporation heat from cooling water, make the cooling tower's efficiency seriously reduced ,unable to meet the design cooling capacity.Refrigeration equipment's cooling water circulate and accumulate,and the temperature get higher and higher,direct effect is increase the operation energy consumption of refrigeration equipment and the water loss rate of cooling tower,serious even causes the refrigeration equipment to protect itself and stop running,or the cooling water need to add a lot of low temperature water to meet the require of temperature.

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