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Selection Of Cooling Tower Types And Tonnage 1
Oct 13, 2017

Cooling tower always als a accessory equipment,and people won;t pay more attention to it's selection.But if not choose the right cooling tower will cause the problem that the cooling amount does not match (cooling tower's cooling capacity will be small when in hot summer),the energy consumption of refrigeration equipment increased,if worse,the refrigeration host working unusual,the whole machine stop.If not choose the right cooling tower,it can not cooperate with the conversion energy saving control,or the running parts' service life is short and always need to maintenance,this is not suit for occasion which need high reliability and not allow stop machine for checking.


So how to choose the model of cooling tower?How to avoid the common problem during the selection of cooling tower?How to ensure the cooling tower still working in the hot summer and meet the cooling capacity?Here is some experience,for reference only.


The selection of cooling tower's type

Now the most usual cooling tower is counter flow round type cooling tower and square counter flow cross flow cooling tower.Closed cooling tower's use is special and not use so extensive.


If you have sufficient funds on hand,suggest you to choose the Square cooling tower.Square cooling tower have many advantages,such as small water loss rate,large ventilation area,good cooling effect.Square cooling tower's sprinkler system is fixed,it's not like the round tower that needs to be driven by the flow of water,especially suit for the system which cooling pump uses frequency scaling to save energy.Many cooling pump uses frequency scaling to sane energy,round type cooling tower's sprinkler head can't keep the normal turning or stop turning when the water flow is small,the water flow can't be evenly distributed,the flow rate become quick,the contact area and time with the air is reduce,the cooling effect is severely weakened.The cooling water temperature will be higher and higher, and the cooling efficiency of refrigeration equipment such as refrigerator will be lower and lower (in the normal range of work), and it will not have the energy saving effect.Square cooling tower's sprinkler system is fixed,when the water flow is small,it's water flow still be evenly distributed,and the flow rate will going to be a little slow,it's benefit to get better cooling effect,the cooling water will get better cooling and the cooling temperature can be much more low,the refrigeration equipment can be better refrigerated and reduce the energy consumption.


In addition, the large-capacity square tower have several modules. Each module has its own fan, water distributor, and filler layer.and can work independently, it's work can be flexible and varied.Such as the fan can be stopped for maintenance alone, and can well meet the changes of quarterly, the fan can be used to control the energy saving, just need to control the start and stop rather than complicated frequency conversion control.


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