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Scope Of Industrial Application Of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Cooling Tower
Nov 14, 2016

Cooling tower applications? As a heat tool, machine operation and production process of its heat conductivity, water backflow, namely, environmental protection and energy saving. Industrial cooling towers of glass manufacturers-strong cooling tower plant in anqiu, to explain this type of cooling tower applications.

In the thermal power industry, water heated to a high temperature and high pressure steam boiler, drive turbine generators to do work, after work by turbine steam into the condenser, condenses into water and cooling water heat exchanger, then the pump back to the boiler. This process exhausted steam heat to the cooling water, the water temperature, carries waste heat for cooling, heat transfer to air in your cooling tower, discharged into the atmosphere from the duct. In this way, the heat is gone.

Cooling tower applications: mainly used in air conditioning cooling system, frozen food series, plastic, leather, foam, power, turbine, aluminum processing, air compressors, industrial cooling field, most widely used for cooling, refrigeration, plastic and chemical industries.