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Rounded Counter-glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Cooling Tower
Nov 14, 2016

Suitable for small and medium water, water used in circulating cooling water system of distributed, layout is very flexible.


1, the standard design conditions: 31.5 c dry-bulb temperature, wet-bulb temperature 28 ° c, air pressure is 99400Pa, inlet water temperature 42 ° c, water temperature of 32 degrees Celsius;

2, Cascade high round tower packing selection so that the cooling tower structure is compact, small footprint, flexible and convenient arrangement is designed;

3, the use of wing-shaped hollow structure of large diameter, large area and low speed, low pressure glass fiber reinforced plastic fan blade, using such cooling tower with energy-saving, low-noise characteristics;

4, ultra low noise cooling towers for inlets and rain area efficient noise reduction device, so that the same level of cooling tower effective noise reduction of 5dB (a);

5, a large number of high strength structure of FRP applications in the cooling tower which has excellent corrosion resistance, long service life and good qualities of;

6, small rotary water cooling tower system, simple structure, distributed water, further improve the cooling tower thermal performance, fixed large cooling tower water system, further improve the stability properties of the Tower;

7, Rotary flap device is water distribution system, water collector device is stationary water systems, cooling tower water floating losses to 0.01% or less;

8, round tower structure itself, given its good resistance to wind pressure performance, especially in the coastal area of Typhoon, the cooling tower design of wind resistance up to 0.75KN/m2;

9, small size, light weight, simple structure, is very easy and convenient to install and maintain;