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Rinse Sweage Cooling Tower
Apr 27, 2017

Because the cooling tower is always exposed,the adsorption capacity of fan is strong,this make a lot of sediment and dirt get into the tower,long time running will make cooling tower slowly reduce it's cooling capacity,the drainage holes of sprinkler head is easy to jam,sediment and dirt also easy to get into the cooling water system and directly affect the normal cooling of the cooling water system.In order to prevent the above situation occur,minimize the losses,must clean the sweage cooling tower regularly.

1.Put off the water in the drip pans,clean from the sprinkler head on the tower,to make the normal water supply of the holes on the sprinkler head.

2.Get into the tower, use high-pressure water gun and cleaning tools clean the fill one by one.

3.Thoroughly remove the sediment and dirt in the drip pans and  centrally store.

4.Clean the whole tower with the high-pressure water gun,then clean the site,keep the environment clean and tidy.  

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